Fire Inserts

A Fireplace insert is a self-contained unit that sits inside an existing fireplace and chimney. It may be used to refurbish an existing fireplace, or to finish a fireplace in a new construction. Wood inserts are extremely energy efficient, produce less smoke and require less wood than traditional fireplaces. They are very popular and come in a large variety of different sizes for large or small homes.

Maybe you have a fireplace that is in dire need of repairs. A wood insert might be the perfect solution for you. You can keep the sounds, smells and ambiance of a masonry fireplace while increasing the efficiency and cleanliness of your home. Ask our experts if a wood insert is the best choice for you.

Gas Inserts

Lets face it - most homes in the Greater Buffalo, NY, area do not have a beautiful gas fireplace. However, most of them do have an existing fireplace. One of the best ways to transform your home is to install a gas insert into your existing fireplace. You already have your home set up, and there's no way you want to go without a fireplace during the harsh Buffalo winters.

Gas fireplaces provide a constant supply of fuel, even when electricity fails. Whether natural or propane, gas is clean burning. An efficient gas fireplace that is properly installed can significantly add to the heat of your home, reducing the need to use your furnace constantly. Let All-Ways Warm Stove & Chimney install a very elegant, easy to use and low maintenance gas insert. This can dramatically reduce the maintenance you have with your current fireplace and also offer a nice updated look and feel. Please feel free to call us or stop by our showroom right here in Lockport, NY.

Pellet Inserts

Pellet fireplace inserts are much like gas fireplace inserts because they're actually installed within your current fireplace and will offer a very similar heat source with a lot less clean-up. Pellet fireplace inserts are very simple and easy to use. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are very easy to keep clean.

When making a choice to change the way you heat your home, we want you to know that we are available anytime to give you the best advice we can. We serve the greater Buffalo, and surrounding WNY area and look forward to seeing you in our brand new showroom here in Lockport, NY.

Electric Inserts

Electric Inserts

Electric fireplaces are quickly becoming one of the most requested items the greater Buffalo, NY area. Coming in a variety of looks and finishes, electric fireplaces are very low maintenance, very pleasing to the eye and a very nice focal point to your living area. Not only do the add the desired aesthetic to your home, electric fireplaces are extremely effective in dispersing heat during the cold Buffalo winters.

Whether you prefer Avalon, Lopi or Xtrordinair®, All-Ways Warm Stove & Chimney will work with you to find the best solution for your fireplace needs. Feel free to call the our showroom in Lockport, NY or just come on by. Be sure to ask about our electric fireplace accessories.