Hearth Boards

Wood, pellet, gas and coal stoves all expel a lot of heat which could ignite nearby combustible materials. Because of this, they should not be set directly onto a wood or carpeted floor. Instead, they must be placed on a properly sized non-combustible surface, otherwise known as a hearth pad.

Here at Countryside Stove and Chimney, we always recommend professional installation of stoves to ensure their safe operation and this includes the installation of a suitable hearth pad. Each unit will have a manufacturer's specification for the minimum R-value (resistance to heat flow) and the minimum size of a hearth pad required.

Pellet and wood stoves produce the most heat and will need a heavy duty hearth pad. On the other hand, gas units don't project much heat to the floor and their specifications typically state that the hearth pad simply needs to be a non-combustible material such as glass, metal, or certain types of tile.

No matter what you need, we offer hearth pads in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Hearth pads are hand crafted from brick, fireproof ceramic, stone, porcelain, slate, and a combination of the materials to provide the ideal foundation for your free-standing wood, gas, pellet, or coal stove.

Whether you want your hearth pad to blend in or act as a beautiful decorative accent, you are sure to find what you need at Countryside Stove And Chimney.

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