Glass Doors

The best ways to cure a fireplace draft is to install tight-fitting glass doors. Whether you're burning wood or have a set of gas logs, glass fireplace doors will close up when the fire is dying or turned-off. This in turn prevents warm room air from drawing up the chimney and out of the house.

Our selection of glass doors runs the gamut from simple "stock" doors to elegant and finely crafted custom doors. In addition to the many styles available, there are a multitude of finish choices including decorative metal and powder-coat colors. We have many samples on display to assist you in selecting from among the many options available. We can help you size and select the right door for your fireplace.

Stoll Industries offers many different fireplace doors suited to your needs. Chose the style, color, and design you are looking for and let us do the rest! All doors come with many options to make it unique to your home! Click here to get started getting an idea of the kind of door you are looking for and stop in to talk about all the different options to make that door your own!