Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are important safety barriers to contain the embers and sparks that may pop out of fireplaces and wood stoves. Screens can be a perfect fit, or you can choose from a wide variety of styles and finishes. Screens can be arched or have triple panels or convex panels; or you can choose a flat metal screen. Screens are essential fireplace accessories that can also add the ideal decorative touch that completes the overall look of your fireplace.

Fireplace mesh screens provide excellent spark protection and add a stylish accent to your fireplace. From single-panel and spark guard styles to 3-fold and arch screens, we can provide the proper size for your fireplace. A range of finishes are available on many of the screens. While you're considering a screen also look at our heavy-duty steel and cast iron fireplace screens.


Operable Doors- Fully opening doors afford easy access to the fire without moving the screen.

Folding Screens- Three-panel construction easily adjusts to hearth opening. Screens feature piano hinge design.

Spark Guards- Large diameter steel rod frames and heavy duty kick plates provide solid mesh support.

by Pilgrim

by Pilgrim

by Pilgrim