Gas Inserts in the Amherst, Williamsville & Clarence, NY Areas

Why Choose Gas?

At one time, most homes used wood burning fireplaces. Today, many people are switching to gas inserts for a few reasons. For one thing, gas is more energy efficient than wood and there's no mess from wood chips or ashes. No need to carry or store wood. Also, you can turn your gas fireplace on and off instantly by hitting a switch, and adjust the height of your flames.

Free Standing Stoves

A gas stove is the perfect way to add a functional heat source for your Western New York home. Gas Stoves are free standing and can be tailored to your room size, and the quantity of heat you require. Much like the Pellet Stoves we carry, we pride ourselves in helping our clients experience a new sense of comfort during the winter months by installing a free standing stove nearly anywhere desired. Come see our beautiful selection.

Have questions about the differences between Pellet Stoves and Gas Stoves or which product line (Avalon, Lopi or Xtrordinair®) will work best for you? What are the cost benefits? Feel free to contact us at the number above or come on by our showroom right here in Lockport, NY.


Lets face it - most homes in the Greater Buffalo, NY, area do not have a beautiful gas fireplace. However, most of them do have an existing fireplace. One of the best ways to transform your home is to install a gas insert into your existing fireplace. You already have your home set up, and there's no way you want to go without a fireplace during the harsh Buffalo winters.

Gas fireplaces provide a constant supply of fuel, even when electricity fails. Whether natural or propane, gas is clean burning. An efficient gas fireplace that is properly installed can significantly add to the heat of your home, reducing the need to use your furnace constantly. Let All-Ways Warm Stove & Chimney install a very elegant, easy to use and low maintenance gas insert. This can dramatically reduce the maintenance you have with your current fireplace and also offer a nice updated look and feel. Please feel free to call us or stop by our showroom right here in Lockport, NY.


If you are constructing a new fireplace, we offer a full selection of everything you will need to make your fireplace complete. We also have many accessories such as hearth rugs, tool sets,or gloves. For most gas stoves, gas inserts and gas fireplace,s we also offer both wall and remote (handheld) controllers to help you maintain a cozy temperature.

Gas fireplaces are extremely effective, great to look at, and they don't require a lot of drastic work to install. Having a gas fireplace in the greater Buffalo area is quickly becoming a must! Gas fireplaces offer the same look and feel that we're used to here in Western New York, but require a lot less work than traditional wood burning fireplaces. If you have a wood stove, we have all of the accessories for that too, from kettles to cookware to steamers.